Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Always thinking...

Let’s face it, creativity is not a 9 to 5 thing. Brilliant ideas don’t necessarily track with one’s social calendar. I learned this lesson many years ago, and so did my clients.

I don’t know how they figured out that I was thinking about their projects even when not connected to my Mac. And I’m thankful they did. For some strange reason when I get a new assignment my brain starts exploring solutions, no matter whether I’m on the tennis court, wandering through South Coast Plaza or sitting at my desk. Perhaps it’s like the musician who hears the melody of their next song in the clicking of the windshield wipers.

One never knows where inspiration will hit.

I guess I’ve just realized that the sooner I can let my mind start working on projects, the faster solutions will come to me. And that has been the way I’ve run James Klein Creative.

In many ways, we are always thinking. Midnight epiphanies aside, this does not mean that we are staring at our Macs around the clock, however we are constantly looking at the issues from different angles. “What’s the right visual metaphor? The best twist of phrase? Is this just another me-too approach, or have we made things memorable and easy to understand without sounding like everyone else?” This even carries down to the best approach to produce a specific project or assembling the best team of consultants.

So when you ask us to work on a project, you know that you aren’t just getting some time slot on our schedule, rather you’re getting a share of our brain, and the desire to find a unique solution that works…and something that makes us proud.

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