Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Christopher Roddy. Concierge–Guardian Building, Detroit

Sure, you can walk into the Guardian Building in Downtown Detroit and realize that you've just entered a impeccably preserved example of Art Deco architecture, but what you really need, if you want the inside scoop, is a personal tour from the building's concierge that most of the tenants know by name—Christopher Roddy.  For years he has been manning the revolving doors at the entrance to this "cathedral to finance" on the corner of Congress and Woodrow, and passing along his knowledge of the building.  

I had the opportunity to spend 30 minutes with Christopher on my recent trip to Detroit and was given a basement to rooftop tour that included the massive basement vault that once held most of Detroit's fortunes, the impressive original 1929 board room, and a skyline view from one of the vacated offices on one of the highest floors.  But if you only make it to the lobby, you'll stand there, like I did, in stunned silence as one of the most spectacular examples of Art Deco architecture surrounded me.  And if that didn't fill your need to experience Detroit's finest buildings, there is the Fischer Building and the Penobscot as well.  

Thanks Christopher for a great tour!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Seriously good food in the Fun Zone!

It happened early in the morning hours on Labor Day weekend.  While Shannon was preparing for another wonderful weekend of burgers, fries, caesar salads and minestrone soup, her new website was being uploaded to the server.  The launch of her new site was done in conjunction with James Klein + Associates, Clever Marketing and Ben May of Fresh Interactive.  The Bay Front Café promises "Seriously good food in the Fun Zone," and Shannon is taking her digital relationship to the community seriously as well.  Along with getting more information on the Bay Front Café website, you can also follow her on twitter, and join the restaurant's Facebook fan page.  In designing the site, we wanted to provide key information for this newly opened café while connecting people to the Fun Zone vibe in a playful way.  This was the first phase of a site that will continue to grow.