Monday, September 14, 2009

Enamel Pin Design: Graphic design for those collectable lapel pins.

Sometimes the designs that bring out the most “buzz” are those tiny enamel lapel pins developed for special events.  James Klein + Associates has worked with a number of companies such as the Orange County Transportation Authority and the Registrar of Voters to create collectable pins that are produced in limited quantities and handed out to dignitaries and poll workers.  The trick is fitting all the required information such as dates, logos and event names in a very small area while working under restrictive manufacturing constraints, being creative and making sure it is easily readable.


Each pin we create typically begins its life as an icon that we’ve design for use in print and electronic marketing material.  During the creative process, we plan ahead for the potential use of the icon as an enamel pin and develop design options that allow for a thin metal separation that serves as a barrier for the different colored enamel.  At times the gold or silver metal is used as a large patch of color, or texture is applied to the metal.


Our goal is to develop a cool-looking pin that is a visual extension of the marketing material developed for the campaign.  If it becomes collectable, that’s an added bonus.